UtopiaCraft - utopiacraft.no-ip.org


This website it dedicated to the minecraft server: Utopiacraft. We are a great community of fun loving minecraft addicts, and are always looking for new members to join the server. We have many plugins implimented, and are always looking for new things to try. Just type Utopiacraft.no-ip.org in place of the IP in minecraft to join our server and check us out! 

Welcome to Utopiacraft. Here we have all the info and all the discussions you need to keep up to date in the UC universe. Please read through the information and topics to avoid unecessary questions in-game.

Utopiacraft is a fun server that focuses on creativity but there is a pvp element to it. We have many plugins such as lockette and a money system to make the game fun. 

These are the governing rules of Bloodcraft: Break one and feel the rath of the Ban Hammer!
#1 NO HACKING (This includes using X-ray mods or texture packs)
#2 OBEY THE STAFF (Arguing is a good way to make enemies with the people who watch over the server)
#3 NO SPAMMING THE CHAT (This includes using caps lock or continually shouting for an Admin)
#4 DO NOT ASK FOR A NEW RANK OR TO BECOME STAFF (We have a full team of staff and we DO NOT recruit from new players!)
#5 NO SPAWN KILLING (This means DO NOT kill people as the leave the safe zone - NOT do not kill people in their own factions as they spawn! It's Hardcore PvP so we actually enourage this!)
These rules are in place to make Utopiacraft a fair and fun server. You will not be given an oportunity to explain yourself if caught breaking a rule so make sure you turn off your clients, turn off your caps lock and be respectful if challanged by a member of staff. Sometimes you may appear to be hacking to us when infact your not, we have very good plugins and a good eye for the real hackers so we usually get it right.